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        Jiangsu Zhongguangrun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a large industry and trade company, which is specializing in copper conductor wire development, manufacture and sales. Company is operating as one of the leading enterprises within the state-level economic development zones - Yixing Economic Development Zone, locating in Taihu Lake ansYixing Pottery Capital. Company covers an area of 160 acres, and our total project investmentis about 10 billion yuan. The annual capacity of high-performance copper and copper alloy wire billet production is250,000 tons.
        The company introduced American Southern Company (South wire)s SCR-4500 copper alloy casting and rolling production line, and the German Niehoff  company M85/MM85 drawing machine and other international advanced production line equipment, production of Φ8mm rods, Φ0.32 ~ 3.35mm quality bare copper lines, can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries and fields and exploration.
        Company has been strictly operating according to the ISO9001 quality management standards; product quality has reached the German DIN standards and EU standards. Company “surviving bases on the quality, service decides the future," pragmatic, innovation, and strive to build "Su Run" as one of the most famous brands within the industry, dedicated to provide our customers with quality products and services!
        Company has been keeping "attitude determinates the success, strictness creates the future" concept, focusing on employee growth, the importance of staff performance, and strive to create conditions conducive to employees at ease, happy working and living conditions, encouraging and inspiring employee engagement have a responsibility, solid work, hard work and grow together, company and individuals together compose a better future!

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